lower footpegs / taller seat

I'm 6'2", 34" inseam, and just too cramped on my 2002 WR250. I'd like lower footpegs but it looks like Fastway's are about $100; any ideas on how to do this cheaper? Also, anybody have experience with taller (and softer) seatfoam on the WR seat? I understand the foam is added to the dip in the seat; does it allow you far enough forward to be anything like the YZ seating position? An option is to replace both seat & tank with YZ-style for another $170 for the tank, but if the taller foam with the WR seat is good enough I'd rather not spend the extra $$.

As far as the pegs go, search for a thread where a guy switched the springs from one stide to the other, allowing him to lower the pegs a few mms. I believe he had to grind the peg pivots too. Not a $100, but not change IMO either.

I am the same size as you and found that raising the bars was the ticket for me.

the fast way pegs are sweet :banghead: way more grip and you can lower them too.

You can cut the barrell (round part on bottom ) off of the peg , where the pin goes through and have it welded on top of each peg. Then you need to swap springs. Pegs will be lower and farther back. I did this on my '02 YZ 250 and '03 YZ250F and it worked great.

I don't have pics, but you may be able to find some other threads that reference.

I took the footpegs apart and noticed that the barrel / collar where the peg pin goes through could be "swapped" from the bottom to the top by cutting & welding, but I'm a little nervous about doing that because they appear to be cast and wonder if it would weaken them...

I know of individuals who just cut the barrels did not weld the old ones on, and swapped the springs from right to left. At 6"4" I would look into a different tripple clamp that you could shim the bar mounts up higher. I'm 6' I have Factory Effect tall seat foam, Fastway pegs at the lower position and I fabricated my own underbar mount for my Scotts stering damper,which raised my bars about 1 1/4". If you choose to lower your footpegs you must modify your brake pedal adjuster so that you can lower your brake pedal. To do this you must grind the end of the 6 mm bolt adjuster that ataches to the brake pedal clevis enough to give the desired lower pedal height. If you do not grind this bolt it will bottom out against the brake pedal. Not to worry if you want return everything back stock you can with modification.

I'm good with the bars (aftermarket 1-1/8", don't remember which - they were on the bike when I bought it); it's the legs that are too tight. Are you happy with the Factory Effex tall seat foam? Does it allow you to sit farther forward without sliding back? How about the hardness (the stock Yamaha seat is a brick)?

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