Air cooled or liquid cool for Gulf countries ??


since i'm living in hot weather country ( 8 month of extreme temp. a year )

is it better to own an air cooled dirtbike or a liquid cool one ?

taking in regard long distance riding plus sand dunes terrains. :banghead:

in America the weather in general is ( comparing to us ) fine in summer and cold in the winter

but here in the gulf states it's almost all hot except 3 months a year

which becomes dry cold.

If you want the fastest best suspended bike you're gonna have to go w/liquid cooled. If you're looking for more of a trail bike then you COULD go air cooled.

What kind of riding are you looking to do and what's your budget in US $'s?

temps in the gulf are similar to temps in Las Vegas, Phoenix or the desert regions of California. we ride desert all year hot or cold and the bikes do fine.

You can go either way. There arent many air cooled bikes anymore--and they wont have the weight/performance to enjoy riding in sand--but they will run fine in the heat. A water cooled bike will give you more bang for the dunes if you ride them.

Neigher bike will do well in slow speed stuff on hot days. THe water cooled bikes can overheat--it might be worth looking at oversize radiators if you are going very slow when its 50 celsius.

If you just want a reliable and affordable run about mostly on paved roads then an aircooled bike will do fact it might be better as the radiators wont boil over in congested traffic.

Also consider a fan for your water cooled bike.

i'm looking for riding a dirtbike over dunes and alwyas

off road area in the weekends .. let's say 4hours per day

No plans for racing , just riding with different speeds.

my budget up to 3400 $

my two option is RM85L or DRZ125L

i beleive that temp is lower less than here ,

irondude mentioned 50 C ,

yes it's true .. but it can reach 50 in shade , around 72

in direct sunbeam.

Suzuki Loyal-

Been to Abu Dhabi...from what I've seen, neither of the bikes you mention will do well int he dunes. You're gonna want more poop to get up on top of the sand.

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