How do I get a Washington State Motorcycle plate?

As some of you are aware it has become very difficult to plate a OHV in California.

I want to make my 650R street legal and since I plan on moving home to Washington in the next year I figure I may as well get a Washington plate now.

How do I do it? Can anyone show me the forms online that I need to fill out? Also, how/where does the inspection take place? Does it happen at the DMV? or does a dealer inspect and then sign off?

I have family all over up there so using a local address won't be a problem.

Can anyone give me a link to the forms?

Any advice apprec.

If it is not currently plated, you are going to have a hard time. Your first step would be to put all the lights, mirrors, etc. on it and then get it inspected by the Washington State Patrol. They would need to sign off on it prior to you going to the DOL (our version of the DMV) for your plate.

so the patrol has to see the bike?


so it sounds like i should just register the bike in california as "special build" and sacrifice my green sticker since i know that i will be bringing it to wa. with me in the near future.

thanks for the info. i was hoping that your process only required a dealer sig.

What's even worse is the Washington State Patrol will not inspect your bike :banghead: thus making it pretty near impossible to get it plated here. Go ahead and get it done there.

Save yourself the misery and more to OR or ID.

WA state is a joke. Can't wait to move...

PS - I consider anything east of the Cascades is considered Northern Oregon or Wester Idaho :banghead:

yeah i remember what it was like, bogart.

i grew up and graduated high school from Oak Harbor, went to CWU, lived in Sumner for a year with my then girlfriend now wife, and have been in california for the last 5.

trust me, after being californicated on for the last 5 years, western washington is going to seem like a libertarian utopia.

however, i'm well aware that i'm basically moving to a wetter version of california... but i know that there are still some holdouts on the west side... i.e. sumner, bonney lake, buckley, black diamond, enumclaw... and that escaping into the cascades is simple via crystal or south through packwood.

however, the ultimate goal is somewhere inland.

Does the Cally title have "of road" on it? If not, fill in the miles, transfer it and ask for a plate! Done! Easy coming fromn out of state. Oh, just tell them its road legal already.

I am hearing that without a federal DOT tag nothing will be street licensed in Washington. Supposedly WA state is reviewing current titles and registrations to see who has Off Road Only bikes that have been issued street licenses. :banghead: I expect existing plates to be to pulled in the future if they dont meet the feds standard.

It just depends on who you talk to and when???? I dont trust this state :banghead: .


Wonder how that affects KTMs since they dont' say offroad on them? I still haven't switched mine to CO ... good luck on getting yours done.

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