Wider rims

Ok, who do I have to abuse to get wider rims/wheels made up? Ideally I'm looking for 2 to 2.5" wide 12" rims with options for either CRF70 or Pitster/etc hole counts.

If I can get Alu rims, even better.

I'm serious about this, the product doesn't see to exist, short of buying NSR50 wheels, and I needs it. I'll do testing, pay more to cover setup costs so someone can get the product on the market, just tell me who to talk to so I can get started.

Gary, is this something you can help with?

Eric at Motard50s has a 3inch wide rims for same.

I've been directed to him and am drooling at what he's got.

#77 will be getting new shoes this spring. : )

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