extended warranty

Are you glad you bought an extended warranty or was it a waste of money?

If you're talking about XR's, yeah it's a waste of money. However, I'm still glad I got mine. Any other bike/brand, I'd get one for sure.

Waste of money, IF I would have bought one. :banghead:

Why get one if its a Yamaha? Doesn't make sense.

I bought one once and I'll never do it again. The dealers make it sound like it covers everything, but when you bring it in it's a different story.

Cracked the piston ring in half after a year.

Rebuilt the top end free on my XR400.

Look at the bike and what is covered and your general luck.

My dealer said he doesnt' push them, but in my case... he was right.

For electronics I'd only insure a laptop, cell phone, maybe some other fragile item that gets moved a lot. Warrantees are the best money maker at Best Buy.

The last four bikes I've purchased haven't needed any warranty repairs. 3 Hondas and 1 Yamaha.....:banghead:

However, my buddy had an extended plan on his XR650 and it came in handy. The plan covered about $600 worth of engine repair. He was so relieved he had the extended warranty. :banghead:

Like KEV_XR says,

You've got to look at your options...

I get them for ATVs and bikes that I know aren't gonna get "Mod's"...

About Warranties...

My KLX broke a chain just before the Warranty ran out.

New Cases.

New "Xtra's"...(Dealer said,"While we're in there...")

People always take time to bitch...I'll take the time to say...

There are some really good dealers out there. That makes the difference when -and- "If" you ever need to "USE" your warranty.

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