450XC; would you agree....

it would be the KTM model closest to my YZ426 that is set up for woods? This bike looks like it has everything I want in a racing woods bike. My 00 426 is very good the way I have it set up, Rekluse.Flyweight,gearing etc, This looks like it might be the replacement as it is getting about that time. I have a couple of questions that are not in the specs. Does it have a spark arrestor? Does it have a coolant catch tank? Just trying to do a ballpark assesment on mods. How would you think the power/handling compares to the yz above?

It should be a pretty good match setup-wise from the sounds of it. I have not ridden a YZ4xxf in years so no clue on the power or handling. The XC will not have the SA, catch tank (shouldn't need one if jetted right) or kickstand.

Two weeks ago I rode my bros YZ450F and a 426 back to back with my new xc. The YZ450 is a little faster, and revs higher. The 426 is a tinybit slower, and revs higher. Handling is different but all three are good, the KTM has a slightly longer feel, but still turns very good. I thought the Yam rear suspension has a better ability to soak up big hits without bottoming, the forks were pretty comparable. My KTM shock works good, but it does occasionally hit bottom in G-outs. FWIW, I love my xc everywhere. Woods, dez, MX, it works everywhere I have ridden it.

I had a 00 YZ426. Now have 450XC. I remember the YZ being snappier feeling and more tiring to ride. 450XC seems like perfect power, plenty but not overwhelming. Suspension seems good for fast trail riding, Don't do MX myself. No spark arrestor, a bit loud with SX muffler, I have an FMF Ti-Q on order. Just installed Promotobillet Kickstand. Very nice. E-start, 6 speed, mx suspension components revalved for offroad. Just right for me.


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