finally got it

YAAAAA, I'm so fired up right now, just got my 2004 450 mxc that i purchased a while back from a friend. He shipped it out Sept 16th, only to have it sitting in Minnesota for 2 weeks because they said it wasn't packed properly, even though the first company to pick it up said it was fine, so he had to have it shipped back to crate it properly, unreal hey. They didn't even let him know, he found out after I told him I never got it. It was being shipped from Michigan's Upper Peninsula to Northern New Mexico. Anyway, it finally arrived at my school today. Dang, I'm so fired up it's going to be hard to teach my last couple classes. this weekends weather looks great also. Well time to park that DRZ for a while and jump on that pumpkin, just in time for Halloween....YAAAAAA..pelts

Just picked up an 04 myself, hopefully get some time on it this weekend!

Enjoy and tell us what you think

That bike is going to be more exciting than your Drz. Hang on, have fun. BTW I lived in Alamagordo for a couple of years (back in the 70s). when I was a teenager. I have always missed the riding there. Some of my fondest riding memories. :banghead:

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