do you think the Big Ruckus Headlight assembly would make a good dual sport rig?

if a guy could get his hands on a complete headlight assembly for a big ruckus do you think it would make a good dual sport rig?


Well it would cost 280 for it

33120-ktb-771 headlight unit 59.37 (2)

33180-gez-671 cover rubber 12.66 (2)

33190-gez-671 Cover bulb 1.10 (2)

34901-mc7-602 Bulb 20.75 (2)

61310-ktb-770 Bracket headlight 91.72 (2)

Dan V.

lets assume it didn't cost that much...

then what would you think?

i'm going to start a big ruckus tonight in the dark and see what kind of light those two bulbs create.

I remember finding a website a while back that a guy mounted a dual headlight system from a Yamaha Warrior ATV. it looked pretty good!!!

Keep us updated might be cool and way cheaper than a full on Baja setup.


I had the same idea the first time I saw one of those at the honda dealer.

The link for trailtech offers something FAR FAR more cool, imho. The non-HID version is much cheaper. I


Pretty cool round headlight. Almost affordable. :banghead:

nice, not bad.

but... is that headlight street legal?

the point of using the big rukus cage and lights is you know it is DOT legal...

Just put your XR suspenders on the Rukus... it's all the same thing...

I thought the same thing when I saw the Ruckus. I thought it would be cool to just get the frame and mount different lights in it.

Me and fuct have been looking at that Ruckas setup for a while now, it would look nice. I was wondering how the stock guage setup and wiring would hide behind it though, or have to go Trailtech. I would love to see a photoshop pro make a XR650L with a set on it...would look really sweet, I reckon'

I could probably get the parts near %50 off since my buddy fuct works at the cycle shop.:banghead:

And yes I would want D.O.T. approved since the rest of my bike is still legal. I had a ticket once on my baja bug (used to own) that was 2 pages long. The cop ran out of room for violations..I could have swore he was gonna stop writing at the bottom...but no :banghead:

Any headlight, including the stock one will work. You just need the dual filament bulb, wiring, and switch. You have to check local laws, in case there is some law requiring a certain size lens. Running the Ruckus headlights without the other electrical components won't make it street legal. Check out Ricky Stator for a sweet dual headlight set up. If you don't mind the added weight up front, it's another option.

Check out Ricky Stator for a sweet dual headlight set up.

Wow, the Ricky Stator is a pretty cool package.

I wonder what kind of bulbs they use (H3 or H4 maybe)? :banghead:

Damn! That Ricky stator package is a sweet deal!

I do like the trailtech setup also, but a single light instead of a dual. The Trailtech has some nice features though.

If you want to see a pic of an XR650L with a dual HID setup check out this pic.

I put it on my site put the pic is actually from

It looks kinda goofy, yet kinda cool.

Here is a pic I took of the 1X bike of Steve Hengeveld and Johnny Campbell that won the Baja 1000. ( its actually probably a replica, knowing Honda )

The difference with Steve Hengevold's bike is that the light set up mounts to the frame, where most dual headlight kits mount to the forks. His head lights stay pointed in the direction that the bike is going, not where the front wheel is pointed. I've seen in Baja Designs shop that they sell their Baja 1000 bikes after the race.

The problem with the ricky stator light is it is not DOT approved. I emailed him a while ago about this for my 650r. It does look cool though

The difference with Steve Hengevold's bike is that the light set up mounts to the frame, where most dual headlight kits mount to the forks

hmmm... that is a good point. it would be nice to have something mounted to the frame but since i'm just looking to retire my 650 and give it a good life as a dual sport bike, i think something mounted to the forks would work fine.

my 650 did its last desert race on sunday. i'm going to order the ruckus parts this week and go for it.

my 650 did its last desert race on sunday.

What bike are you choosing to ride next Thunderchicken?

BTW, we will have a National Enduro and a National Harescramble on consecutive weekends in AZ this Feb. :banghead:

i've been riding my 450x in the district 37 enduros and using the 650 for everything else.

next year i'm going to stop being a district 37 points whore, race less, but travel more to races.

i want to still do all the district 37 enduros but i'm also going to try and race all the national hare & hounds. i also want to come out to arizona and do those sweet looking AMRA singletrack races. i'm going to do tecate hare scrambles, elkton hare scrambles, maybe even the desert 100 up in WA. basically, i can do all those types of races on the 450x.

i really want a bike that can be a full time dual sport/adventure rig. there are a lot of days where it's late afternoon, there's an hour of sunlight left and if i had a dual sport bike i could suit up and burn a loop out in the badlands before the wife gets home.

yeah, i know about your two national events on consecutive weekends, which is pretty sweet for you guys.

however, they are around the same time as my club's (the four aces) national hare & hound. i'm the 2nd loop captain so i'll be out in the desert tying ribbon or tearing down ribbon...depending on the weekend.

don't get me wrong, i don't mean to sound like i don't like racing the 650r, btw.

i plan on bringing it out for some of the better d37 hare & hounds such as checkers, it just won't see the 20+ races a year like it used to.

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