Northern Virginia riding area? A big field will do!

My wife and I just bought new dirt bikes, a CRF150 for her and a CRF250X for me. This is her first dirt bike, so I don't want to drive the hour and a half out to GW National Forest to teach her when I really just need a big open field.

Anyone know any local (I'm in Centreville, VA but I have a trailer) places where I can teach her?

I was considering finding a new housing development and teaching her on the dirt roads leading into them, but they all have no trespassing signs put up now (didn't have them when I was a kid, either that or I never noticed.)

Hey, I live in Centreville too. I have a CRF100 and it's set up for motard and trail riding. I took it out today to the powerlines off old centreville rd, what a sloppy mess, no fun at all. After cleaning all the mud off (1 1/2hrs), I rode in a large parking lot off 29 and 66, very fun. I plan on going to Peters Mill/ Taskers gap next weekend with a few friends. Let me know if your interested in going. It's only a little over an hour away. Steve

Where are these powerlines? Is it legal to ride there? Usually powerlines are private property, these might be also, but putting around on my CT70 or even the 150 might be okay with the cops. Ripping around on the 250x probably wouldn't though.

Try the Northen Virginia Trail Riders (see link below). I live too far away to be a member, but I've ridden in their Dual Sport event. They seem to be well organized. If you live in NO VA, maybe you should look them up.

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