New time racer

I'm going to be racing next year, but I've never raced before. Here is what the track basicly looks like:

I'll be riding a stock CRF 150. Got any tips for me?

Thats gonna be tricky.. What class are you racing a 150 in? Unless your track has a 150cc 4 stroke class (some tracks do) and if your racing the 85's you're gonna get raped..

Elbows up


The easiest way to go fast is stand!!! STAND EVERYWHERE!!!

Dont go out of your abilities, you will get busted.

And the best rule, go out there have fun and dont end up in the hospital

(god i sound like my mom... :banghead: )

Yea bro you will get shat on if you are racing 80/85s etc...those are like 12yr olds..thay dont get scared of anything...they will cut u off...and they always keep the bike on the old are you and how tall r u? also depends what class you are riding in...but just,thats all mx is about...oh yea dont sit in the whoops lol..i find the crf 150/230 like to kick there ass out at high speeds...just have lots of snacks and keep drinking water...Try and get to the track a bit earlier than evry1 else and find some kids around your age and just talk to them it will help you loosen up and not be so nervous..thats what i did when i started...just have fun mate thats all that matters

Hugo :banghead:

Actully i eat about 3 bananas within acouple hours before he race and drink about a gallon of water before.. FOR GOT SAKES GO TO THE PORT-A-JOHN BEFORE THE RACE!!!!!

Ohh and i race the 85 class and as the person said about i have no fear and will cut you!!!! :banghead: :banghead: No i have fear, but if you get in my way i will cut you.. :lol:

My tip is get a 80

Well actully, i just raced a race in the 85's class.. usualyl i was on the 150 4 stroke class at our track..

howd u do?^

Get a bigger bike. Sorry.

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