From 04WR450 to 06 YZ250f

To the guys that have the new 250's I am wondering if the bike will feel week compared to my WR450. I want something lighter than the WR for sure but I am not sure if I should get the YZ250f or YZ450f. I weigh 170 and ride tight trails, desert, and a little track. I just dont want to be bummed if the 250 does not have enough power. :banghead:

coming from a 450 you will feel the power difference, but the 250F is more nibble possibly making you faster on those tight trails. But for desert riding go with the 450 and for riding track the 250F again is lighter and more nimble, but the 450 is packed with power. Are you an aggressive rider (250F), or are you a lazy rider (450)

450=potent power but heavy and more work to ride (good all around, if you can lug it there)

250F= decent power, light and nimble (excellent for track and trail, not good for desert riding)

hope this helps

I have an '04 WR450F and my daughter has an '05 YZ250F. I much prefer to ride her bike! I can ride both faster and longer on both the track and trails but do run out of gears in the longer straights.

I think you've made a good choice,


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