Black Plastic & Natural Tank

I'm not a big fan of the 2001 yellow, so I'm thinking of replacing the plastic on mine. Now before I go spend a few $, does anyone have a picture of the black plastic and natural tank? I just want to see if it looks as good as my mind pictures it. Thanks in advance.

I don't have pics of the black plastic but I just recently made the change and I think it looks great. Others that have seen it like it as well. I kept the yellow gas tank, dropped the headlight and put on a white number plate with yellow border.


Here is a pic of mine that for sale on ebay right now, it has all black plastics and I painted the tank black and added a acerbies diamond headlight, just type in drz400s in the search on ebay here is a pic of it

See my garage for black plastic and transparent yellow tank.

Thanks all, I'm definately going to do the black and clear now.

just remember, with black the scuffs and scratches are really gonna show

Yeah, the black plastic will be for around town and I will swap back to the stock plastic when I go out on the trails.

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