Split this forum?

It's been suggested that we split this forum as follows:

Forum A


Forum B


What say you? :banghead:

no way!

Polls over... Thanks for voting... Burned has spoken. :banghead::banghead:

I'm with burned, no way. The bikes are too much alike.

No, no, and no!

I'm with burned, no way. The bikes are too much alike.

Yep. Most all info gathered here can be swung either way, and only at times is info irrelevent to the other model.

NO NO NO NO NO ... In case I wasn't clear ...... NO .....

NO! There is no SAIN reason to do so.

NO NO NO NO NO ... In case I wasn't clear ...... NO .....

If you voted, it was clear... There's no "maybe" choice... :banghead:

that's a bad idea

What ignoramous suggested that?

Definitely not, no way,never.

It would spell the end of this forum.

To many people want information on converting their "S" to an "E",

or at least the engine.

Anyway,you can't do it, Burned has voted no :lol:

Neil. :banghead::banghead::busted:

Looks like so far there are at least 6 morons among us....either that they are jokesters with a poor sense of timing.

thats like seperating twin brothers & putting them in different homes , no way

Some of us will never ride our 400 on the road only off road. perhaps some tire of filtering out the s and sm info??? Still the enjoy seeing all the mods done by the on road guys. Keep us together is OK here. :banghead:

this HAD to be some n00b's idea. :banghead:

separating them is just rediculous to start with, But putting the "S" on board with the "SM" is boarderline retarded. who on here has an "S" that is more street that dirt that hasnt just gone to the dark side. :banghead:

How about two boards - One board with S and E and the other board with K and SM. Makes as much sense.


I was thinking of voting yes, but then realized that some E owners may know an answer to my S model question. For the sake of not having to post the same question twice, it's best to have all the collective minds looking at the same forum thread.

I bought an S so I could feel like I have an E one day and an SM another. :banghead: I'm already thinking of getting an E in addition to the S, so no splitting, please! :banghead:

Not worth the trouble unless your a post whore :banghead:

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