New Ti-4 exhaust on the way!

I just won my bid for a brand new pro-circuit Gp Ti-4 exhaust system off ebay. I was just "looking" through the items for sale for my bike when I decided to put a small bid down of 404.99 from the original bidder who put down 399.99, and I won!! It should be here next week but I plan on putting it on next season.

How do other TTers like the Ti-4?

Its very loud.

But, you will love the performance gain. Lots of mid-up power.

loud like 106dbl (stock is what 104dbl?)

I think stock is 99db.

loud like 106dbl (stock is what 104dbl?)

Stock is 98db.

Pro Circuit is 103db.

Not a bad price.

good pipe man.

I got one , its loud but it rips

I was doing the checking this past week end at the races!.....T$ on a 05 450 here=110db Way loud would not let him race!!!!They had a 104 limit and were giving 2 db over and still letting guys ride,but the two t4's I checked were way too loud!!!!

I have one, I like it, but would never buy it again. (loud)

Do they make a quiet insert for them?

yes but it kills top end power.

Do they make a quiet insert for them?

Yes, you'll notice quite a decrease in power output though.

Your best bet is to buy the new Pro Circuit end-cap. Its two-inches longer and makes the bike quieter to pass the AMA's 102db limit. Sure it costs around $30 after tax.

Here's a trick to quiet it down you could try. I have a big gun exhaust for my ttr 250. I bought the vortex quiet core from big gun that fit's in his pipe. I have a leo vince exhaust on my yz250f. Every now and then I ride in some areas that are really sound sensitive. So I used the big gun quiet core in the leo. It was a huge difference! Really, really nice a quiet. The only thing that looked goofy was that the bolt holes for then end cap of the leo are different than the bolt hole pattern on the big gun quiet core. All i did was slap in the quiet core then bolt on the leo end cap. It looked a little wierd up close but the endcap held in the quiet core so it worked perfectly. It will also fit in the end of the ti-4.

It really makes the bike quiet. It also did flatten the power. But the way I look at it is that it's better to ride with a little less power than not to be allowed to ride at all.


Does that endcap reduce power?

they all will.

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