Camp Verde Riding

Does Anybody Know About That Off Road Park Between Camp Verde And Cottonwood? I Was Wanting To Check It Out This Weekend, But I Don't Know Much About It. I Believe It's Right By Verde Valley Raceway.

It's pretty nice I ride there pretty often in the winter with my kids. There's a few trails, 545 east is pretty cool. It eventully goes back under I 17 (that's as far as I've been) and then continues some way up to Squaw Peak ( where all the anntenas are). Fun high speed stuff in Hayfield Draw as well. Kinda crowded on weekends near the staging area, get away from it and you may have the trail to yourself.

Kiddo track -- my kids go round and round this thing all day:


Trail 545 east of the staging area right before it ducks under I 17:


Trail west of staging area:


Nice staging area with plenty of parking and restrooms and a couple of ramadas. High desert about 3200' elevation. About 6-7 miles west of I 17 on highway 260 (south side of highway). I've heard of some hidden singletracks but since I'm usually with the kids I don't get a chance to explore much.

Ditto on the park info.

It's a little crowded on weekends, but a good place regardless. Try it on a weekday if you can, the trail under the interstate is awesome, goes all the way up near the truck pull off on the northbound lanes of I 17.

Kid track is cool too...

Cmon on up!!! Weather is nice here, a little cool early in the mornings, but warms up nice. And yep, weekends are crowded, but if you get off on the trails it gets quieter. Also there is alot of traffic in the sand wash close to the staging area, but ride that sucker all the way up into the foothills, lots of old mines and cool stuff up on Mingus Mountain.

Be careful until you get familiar with the area. There are trails in the wash and up on the banks of the creek. I nearly rode off a 15 foot drop off into the wash.

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