GY200 Dual-Sport - JetMoto - Too good to be true?

First let me say, yes, this is a Chinese bike, so if you are interested, read on. If not, please keep the bashing to a minimum.

I liked what Pullin-GS has done documenting his Yamoto 200cc experience, so I will attempt to do the same, but for a JetMoto GY200 dual-sport bike, purchased from . Are these bikes too good to be true? I've read a lot of stuff about JetMoto, and when I found this bike online, It appears to be just what I am looking for. So I called Rick at JetMoto yesterday. He answered all of my questions and I placed the order. It shipped from Northern Calif yesterday (10/19) and due to arrive in North Carolina on 10/26. This will be my 3rd bike (Honda Shadow 1100, Honda Shadow 750). I couldn't pass on the price, and I'm considering this an experiment of sorts. If I don't like the bike, no huge loss. If I do, I'll find myself commuting and trail riding with it whenever I get the chance.

So, this thread will attempt to answer the question... "Chinese motorcycles... Are they REALLY too good to be true?"

I hope you all enjoy and I will update when the shipment arrives.


well its nearly 300lbs for a 200cc bike.

thats a bit much.

who knows - it could be sleeper.

but if its anything like the chinese motorcycle floor jack i bought...get some steel toed boots - and dont turn your back on the thing!

best of luck



OK, if you show up on a bike called a Jet-Moto, you're just asking for a beat down right then and there.

Ok, Ok. I should have been more prepared for the bashing. One already about the weight, one about the sticker on the side. No biggie. Like I said, I'm here to tell you all about the good, the bad and the ugly on this bike.

So here's the Ugly so far:

1) Weight - not much I can do here

2) Sticker / Label (JetMoto) - Well, same could be said about the Matrix, Golf and Beetle of the Auto world. Who cares. The stickers come off

Bring some more...

Do you like Gladiator movies?

Gladiator movies? Yeah, sure... I like 'em. I'm guessing there's a point here, just not sure what it is. Listen, I know there is a lot of distaste for clone bikes, I understand it. Like I said before, I'm evaluating something new with no major loss to myself either way. I have a road bike to fall back on.

Most people would love something like a Suzuki DR-Z400S, but $5500 is out of reach for many folks, that is why there is a market for the clone bikes. I'm not suggesting that any knock-off could hold a candle to a "big four" bike maker, but the point is, can one of these things provide some sort of reilable transportation and also provide a little fun on the trails? That is what I'm here to find out, and hopefully someone will be as interested as I am. There is not a lot of info currently available on these bikes. I'd like to try in some small way to change that. Hopefully by my experience I'll either keep someone from wasting $1200 bucks, or I'll help someone else save $3000 or more. I think that is fair enough. I'll be critical and fair in my review. I'll keep you all posted.


Jet-moto. Hmmmmm...... Isn't that a dishwashing detergent?

We're jujst having fun Eric. I'm glad to see anyone ridding anything./ I have a penchant for unusual motorized things. Keep us posted.

So, ummmmm..............Roger Victor, what's your Vector?

i think we have clearance, clarence.

I was over Underr, and Underr was over Dunn!

Best of luck!


Dont be shy with the pictures!

Very interested in seeing the 2006 inverted forks that the Yamoto-ish bikes are shipping with now. Also curious as to why it is 40 pounds heavier?

My bike had 4 weights on the specs:

Net: 300lbs

Dry-weight: 256lbs

Max-load: 330lbs

Shipping: 333lbs

I see your maximum-load is heavier. For the life of me I cant figure out where the 300lbs (Net) came from?. One way to check the weight is to simply get the ol' bathroom scale out and roll one wheel up, and then do the other. Add both of them up and you have the weight. :banghead:

Mine came in at about 250lbs (before I muddied it up:D).


Come on now,how much was it.This is one of the most important things.Maybe they will hold the line on price.

"Oh stewardess! I speak jive!"

Sorry, couldn't help it. :banghead:

I'm interested in knowing how you feel about it as I always thought it would be nice to have a spare bike around to loan to visitors and friends and family to teach them the joys of trail riding. I thought a good used KDX or XR would be good but if I could get something brand new...

Keep us posted.

To answer a couple questions, The price was > 1000 but < 1200 shipped from San Fran to Charlotte NC (liftgate home delivery). I have a Suzuki dealer near my house and I was checking out the DZ400 enduro bike today. All I can say is "HOT!". Although that bike has twice the engine, the quality, fit and finish will serve as a good basis of comparison for the GY200. Pullin, I'll be sure to take pics of the setup and the completed bike. I'll even post some videos. Dan, Glad to see you are also interested in getting more info. Glad to help... Delivery is on schedule for 10/26 but I may not be able to set it up till Thursday, 10/27.

Here are my intended uses for the bike: Commute 8 miles each way to work a few times per week. Light weekend grassy trail, gravel, and dirt riding. (I'm not flyer by any means, but I'll pound on it the best I can.) If my comfort level is good after a couple weeks, I'll haul it up to the NC mountains for some rougher terrain. I'll judge the bike based on this level of intended usage. But the first step is to get it setup and hope it starts up! About me: I'm handy with engines, bikes, maintenance, repairs (have a boat, jeep and another bike to keep my skills sharp!) I'd recommend that potential owners of this type of product be handy and knowledgable about repars and such, as the dealer network is virtually non-existent, and there is no labor warranty. I am 6'4" tall and weigh just over 200 lbs.

Thanks all for the fun. This forum has helped me out and I hope this thread will help someone else.


It's helping.................The white curb is for loading and unloading passengers only.

"its an entirely different kind of flying - all together.

its an entirely different kind of flying."



I think this should prove quite interesting! I have no doubt that Chinese bikes, cars, etc... will soon be very competitive in quality as well as price but from what I've seen that may be a few years off...

Hopefully by my experience I'll either keep someone from wasting $1200 bucks, or I'll help someone else save $3000 or more.


Is it $1200, like you said here, or $1500, as the link said?

And what is hipping cost amount?

My GY200 was $660 plus shipping.....The list for these things is about $1800? If you pay that then you have been had.

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