Helmet Cam

Hi Helmetcameraguy,

If I was to presume you've played with a few choices of VTR's, and assume that you may want to record not just "all of the time" i.e. the way I'm sure everyone does it - load a tape and battery, power up the cam, hit REC, tuck it away in the backpack or fanny pack and only stop recording by unpacking everything and hitting STOP- but, instead, wouldn't a remote control and monitor be nice? Now I've seen the Lanc ports on the Sony gear and was told that the only wired-plug-in remote was built into a big$ tripod, where you'd have to buy the tripod and gut it - Geez, is there anything out there with a simple start/stop switch at least that will plug into a control port? My beef is wasting tape on connecting road sections of a trail ride, or even on connecting road-like two track sections.

It's (Lanc) a serial port, so I'm not into trying to make a serial interfaced CPU zing-dang gizmo that would be a project in itself. Do some of the other brands have a wire-connected remote? Yes, I've toyed with trying to use the IR remote, but my experience with all IR gizmos is that the sun overpowers the Tx and floods the Rx to render them useless.

Any thoughts or accounts of your experiences would be appreciated. Maybe there's a gizmo I haven't heard of that would work A-ok. ?? By the way, when I say monitor I mean just for status like REC on/off, tape left, maybe battery life etc like you normally see on an LCD or viewfinder.

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