YZ 450 IMS oversize tank

Anybody have one? How has it panned out ? I've got an 04 YZ 450 & I just ordered one, was curious if I could use the stock petcock or not?

I have a 04 Yz 450f also; I use a Zip-Ty oversized tank, and I think that IMS made these tanks for Zip-Ty, (could also be made by Clarke, but I think it was IMS) Anyway, my Zip-ty works fine with the stock petcock....hope this helps


I put one on my 03 and love it, I used a WR petcock on mine so I could tell when I was running out of juice. Blue tank of course, last time I went to St Anthony with my stocker I ran out of gas twice. So the IMS is very useful.

Cool, thanks guys. :banghead:

I have an IMS.Love the tank but they didn't include hose clamps.Doesn't sound like a big deal ,but spend 200$ on a tank they could throw in the clamps.2 different sizes too.The threads weep also where they screw into the tank so make sure you put some thread seal or something on there.

I put a Clarke 3.2 on my 426. Very slim and lowerd the center of gravity a bit too, so good tanks. Better then the big mushroom head the IMS tank had on my KX 250. I'd go with the Clarke, and you can use your petcock on all the tanks I've had IMS or Clarke.

I have an IMS tank on my yz450 and it works great, but you may need to do a couple of things. First, check to see if the tank rubs on the mag head cover, if it does, take some rubber innertube and glue it to the tank at the wear points.

Second put a flush plug on the right side fuel outlet, you don't need it. Then take a crescent wrench and turn your fuel inlet on the carb to the left facing the left petcock. Thats it, your ready to go.

This tank was designed by Ty Davis, and he only uses the left side as well.

Also, use your stock petcock.

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