Suggest an old thread (AIS)

I'm looking for info on removing AIS - I got tired of searching archives so I figued I'd ask straight up. I have the TT removel kit but want to know if you really have to remove the seat and tank?

Any other hints?

Oh - I figured I could probably replace the throttle stop at the same time (now that there will be easy access to carb).

Any comments?

I got tired of searching archives so I figued I'd ask straight up...

No points for laziness!!! :banghead:

Yes, you have to remove the tank and seat as you'll likely have to remove one of the radiators as well to gain access to the front of the head. Make sure you have some high temp RTV as well...SC

I scrapped this useless "system" a few week's back this is what worked for me.


front fender,this allows you to get a hit when driving the front plug in

tank/seat because you have to

unstrap the battery you don't have to remove just get out of the way,peel back rubber above intake boot hole

air filter,when you put the boot plug in push down from top with one hand put your other hand inside the boot work it a little mine popped right in

I used permatex ultra copper on the engine plugs,clear silicone on the boot plug just a small bead under the head of the plugs works fine

I cut my throttle screw,dealer didn't have yz on the shelf and I was not about to "break it in" with the stock screw.I did the jd kit,zip-ty screw,air box mods it was UNBELIVABLE what a couple of hours of wrench time did to this bike

get to it,good luck you won't be sorry it's time well spent!

btw do you know where fall river ma. is?

Great - thanks a million. Maybe I can get around to it after the kids soccer games (3 of them every Sat).

And Yeah - I know where Fall River is. I don't out that way but its about an hour or so away from where I live. Are you from there?

Well were all different but all I did was the front fender,the seat,and the right rad shroud.also loosen gas tank but I didnt remove it ,loosen wire looms,disconnect battery,but i didnt remove it.about 15 minutes.I didnt see much performance improvement..but no more backfiring.....Russ

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