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Undrowning Question?

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I did a search on submerging your bike in water and i found answers to most of my questions but one still remains. Since I could not find a post with my same situation iwas wondering, when i dumped my bike in a pond, it sucked in water, mostly into every part of the engine. I took off the gas tank and emptied it, flushed the carb without taking it off, cleaned air filter and boot, and drained all the oil. Then i took out the spark plug and kicked it over countless times and water was spittin out the head. I dumped some Marval Mystery oil down the cylinder and kicked it out again. Then I put in a car 5w-40 Penzoil oil and had to wait until i got home from class the next day. I changed that oil and in the meantime the air filter and box dried and I sprayed carb cleaner lightly into the carb. Put it all together and it started. I ran it for about 10 min lightly putting around and idling and changed the oil imidiatly. I repeated this with the penziol and it came out clean. I put the oil that i normally run in it, chnged the plaug and rode it for about 30 min not too hard but romping occasionally and it seems to be fine. No dirt got into anything and there wasn't any silt anywhere.

Did i do enough with the engine? Could my rings go bad soon? I will adjust my valves soon when I have the time but is there anything else I should do?

(Besides repacking and cleaning linkage bearings and whell bearings)

I appreciate any advise

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