complete set, finally

after years of waiting, we have finally got the whole family mobile.

have to change avatar too.

got the wife a new ttr 230. both boys 5,7 have pw 80's and we're going riding. woohoo.

ttr is a road registerable (ADR Aust Design Regs or green?sticker as you u.s. guys call it) and she loves it. it spent the first night in our bedroom and i rode it out the next day through the loungeroom (full on redneck style.)

top little bike, perfect for girls of either sex.

mmmm must be someone elses turn to get a new bike now...... i wonder........

pics not great, all off camera phone.

Looking good !! :banghead:

Your Mrs. could use a set of decent boots. I wore Blundstones like those on a ride once and i nearly broke my foot when i crashed.... never again !! :lol:

Looks like a nice riding area where you are... Tassie??

I'm in Melbourne. I've got a WR450 and the daughter's got a PW50.

I don't think my wife's that interested in riding. She'd prefer a flash car instead. :banghead:

Think the green sticker is just a California thing for off-road????. In Nevada, no sticker, no license, etc. needed for off-road.

yeah she's searching ebay and local bike shops for some boots. . she can buy boots.

yeah we're in Tassie.

and yes it's the best riding area in the world to us. our place. we have 26 acres of land that is really only good for growing motorbike tracks.

rocks help develop skills in avoiding rocks.

would you need a BIG sticker in florida to stick it to the ground during the hurricane. and a large inflatable sticker if you live in new orleans.

mmmm maybe god's real name is allah.............

I cannot imagine any Missis giving up a chance for new shoes...Call the boots shoes, she'll own two or three sets of them by Sunday.

Rocky Mountain has some decent house brand boots for 79 bucks. I own a set for mud riding. One of the better sets of boots I have used.

hey joe, isn't an ex government Camry a flash car? haha

I think i've lost my individualism.

wr is most popular(common) bike (except Honda postie bike in aust) followed not far behind by the peewee range and Camry is one of the most common car. most common Jap car anyway.

I really like to stand out in the crowd.

we call the camry invisible,they are like sphincters, every bugger has one.

never get pulled over at breathalysers as most Camry drivers are pensioners and can't afford alcohol.

It's not too late to trade for wife who will go riding Joe.

try getting little ttr for her and if that doesnt work , keep the ttr...........

it is a girls bike titty ahh 230

love the numbering scheme. very ingenious

thanks gobigblue

my mate with 450 is #456

his missus (ttr230) is #789

other mate who got titty aahh 230 for his missus is #123

have mate who makes the vinyl stickers

we are all going riding on the west coast of Tassie in November

should almost make good promo ad for Yamaha. but will make for some nice group snaps.

Rcannon not wrong in the shoe department.

But its best if they only get one pair of bike boots. can you imagine waiting for them to decide which pair to wear.

(wife) " where are we riding today? and what colour will the background scenery be ?"

even if they had three pairs they would say

(wife)" but ive got nothing to wear"

(Husband) " just wear that dear, but put boots on"

new meaning to GRIPPER seat

I got my missus a set of fox tracker boots, they are less than $300.

"black goes with everything!!!!!" :banghead:

hey what tyres is the TTR dressed in, seem quite knobby

It's not too late to trade for wife who will go riding Joe.

try getting little ttr for her and if that doesnt work , keep the ttr...........

Trading her in sounds ok but she's such a good cook and she lets me buy a new bike every year or two... not to mention she changes the baby's shitty nappies.

I did buy her a Yammy XT250 once but one faceplant later, it was all over. :banghead:

5valve , they are dunlop 907 rear and 907'f' on the front. seem ok

Joe yeah keep her, nothing worse than shitty nappies. i used to pull my t-shirt up over my nose to do it until i spewed inside it. mrs ended up prefering to change them herself other than listen to me dry reaching.(not always dry)

kids thought it was funny though, having masked man with tears in eyes doing the job.

matty yeah thanks. she is now tracking some fox trackers from mick hone on ebay. normally $299 buy now $199.

here is latest pic of her riding adventure.

welcome to dirt bikes dear.

7y/o son has been riding 230. loves it. think we have created a monster.

made new graphics for my old wr too. stanley knife and ruler job. too poor for sticker kit from buying new bike.

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