Plastic welding for new gas tank

I just installed a new aftermarket tank and have discovered a small pin hole leak. Instead of going through the hassle of sending it back, can I get this hole (smaller than the tip of a pencil) welded? I have never had this service done before and don't know if it is recommeded in this case.

Perhaps some sort of plastic cement?

I would send it back , you paid good money for it it should be right. What if you fix that spot and a month from now it is leaking somewhere else ? It sounds like it could be porous .

Yes, it can be plastic welded with good results, but I'd send it back for exchange if it were me. You can also use Quick Steel epoxy paste (available from Autozone / made by Cargo Chemical) with good results, but again, I'd send the fuel tank back. If the leak is on a crack and that crack happens to propogate with temperature, vibration, UV exposure, time, etc, then your tiny leak will turn into a small leak that won't get any smaller. If enough fuel finds its way to your exhaust header, it could ignite and things could potentially get worse from there. It's your choice, but I'd at least call the company you bought it from to see if they'll do some kind of upfront exchange where they bill you the price of the new tank and credit you back once you return the old one. If that doesn't work, then try calling the tank manufacturer and see if they'll help out as I described above.

The Quick Steel is a great product, but you have to rough the outside surface a bit (I use a couple of passes with 40 grit sandpaper) before you apply the fix. You just want something for the epoxy to adhere too, so do not get too zelous. Make sure that you empty and dry the tank inside of the tank. You'll want to get the epoxy to "mushroom" though the hole to the inside of the tank. It will act more like a rivet than a patch.

Truthfully, I would return the tank as defective. They should make good on the purchase and shoody workmanship is not tolerable.

What brand of tank?

I don't want to bash the manufacturer on this one. I have had their products before and all was well. I have contacted them and I am sure that we can arrange some sort of exchange. It is just a little extra hassle (and getting bitched at by the Mrs. for the gas smell from the garage). :banghead:

I am not looking to bash the manufacture, just some general infor, I have had IMS with porosity problems and clarkes that didn't leak but gassed off alot(another sign of porosity), I have had both brands with no problems. But the fit on the Clarkes always seem alittle better. But to make a point, I had a Brand new Honda GoldWing that seeped coolant from porosity it the water pump case, not the weep hole, right through the casting, that was a bugger to track down, a piece of toilet paper finally found it.

When it is a matter of a defect in a delivered product both the major tank manufacturers will cover you without any hassle. Call them and send it back.

I would send it back. In the meantime, so you don't miss out on a ride, check out an epoxy. It should be pretty cheap, and that way you don't loose riding time waiting for a tank.

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