$6,500 for an '05!?!?!?

So i've shopped around and gotten some pretty decent deals offered for an '06 WR450 (6,069 otd in Toledo). But my local dealer said that they could probably find me an '05 which i thought could save me some cash for mods and new gear. :banghead: the frickers want to charge me 6500 bucks for an '05, now i understand having to go get it and what not but damn...i told local dealer guy about the price for an '06 and he tryed telling me i'd have to pay crate dis-assembly and other bs hidden fees...which i'm currently checking to see if OTD means OTD.

just had to vent... :banghead:

Around here, if you can find one, '05's are going for $5500 or less OTD. Why would you pay $6500 for an '05 when you can get an '06 for less. :banghead:

exactly, i was really thinking hard on the '06 especially if i could get it for a little over 6k, but i thought "hey, i'll get an '05 and save 500 bucks and get some mods and gear". Hell if that happened. This dealer tryed to pull the "we have to go get it" and that bs :banghead: does it really cost $700 to drive down the road and get a bike??


Just got a call from a dealer near my work and they said the best they could do for an '05 was 6,400 bucks, and an '06 for 6,800 So I took the liberty to email him all the messages i've had with other dealers on what deals they can get me...should open his eyes a little

Just paid $5k for an '05. Granted it's used, but like brand new. If I were you, I'd do the same. Find a veteran who takes care of his sh!$ and save a couple grand. He may have even done some mods for you. There are several ads in the classified section of this site. Why pay dealer markup?

Dealers around southern CA are quoting 6799 or 6849 OTD on a 2006 (thats quoted, not after any haggling). I saw new 2005s in cycle trader I think 6500 or 6599...


Im new to this forum, though ive been lurking for a while. I just picked up my new 05 WR450F yesterday. I paid 5500 for the bike which I thought was good until I saw the nearly $800 in prep shipping charges, yikes! I am stoked though to be back riding again, I sold my Harley and im not lookin back!!!!

did you guys know that dirt bikes have a 300% markup?


That would mean the dealer cost on that $6,799 2006 450 is only $1,700.

I would expect the dealer's markup is only in the 30% range but I've never worked in that industry. Any dealer employees want to tell us what the real markups are running this year? Of course there are always various manufacturer incentive payments to the dealers that improve the dealer's overall profit.

i dont believe its that high, i would guess its more like 25% or even less, there isnt that much money to be made on a 6000$ dollar bike, its not like a 40K car .....

"did you guys know that dirt bikes have a 300% markup?"

Did you smoke crack before this post???? LOL!!!!!!! :banghead:

maybe from the manu facturer to u its 300% but not just dealer markup thats it stupid and if the numbers were true, ill be opening a shop with 30% markup. and save all u peeps thousands of dollars on bikes. but no way its 300% NONE

I paid $6549 OTD for my 06 450F. MSRP is $6799, so if you can get one for $6000, more power to you! No one in Ohio that I called had one for less than $6400 OTD.

If they are that cheap in the east (less than 6k OTD), I would consider buying over the phone from a reputable dealer, and paying to have it shipped out to the west coast.

I bought my bike from Vancouver, Canada, and it cost about $275 to have it shipped to SoCal.

The warranty is useless on dirtbikes, so what the heck.......

I paid $6545 OTD in Ohio for my '06 WR450F. List is $6799. If you can get one for $6000, buy it.

Hey chuck did you call honda east in Maumee? That is where I bought my wr450 from and I think the place Dustin is referring to that quoted him $6000. I know when I bought mine no one else could come close to the deal they offered.

ThumperTalk is advertising the 06 WR450 for 6199 + shipping. You would probably have to pay your own taxes and registration though.

Yamaha in Warren, Ohio said he would sell me an 06 YZ 450 for 6200.00 plus Tax.

He sold a new 05 YZ450 on E-Bay for 4705.00 + freight. should have bought that but he wouldn't take my trade in at that price.

Ill sell you one that has been ridden 4 times for 5500.00 firm

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