Yzf 400

does anyone know the price to replace a top end

It all depends on what is wrong with it. My 99 WR is getting the head and cylinder redone and it is going to be about $500 plus

i ended finding out that it is the entire top end from the base gasket up and it looking like its going to be 1000 to 1100 dollars in parts alone. thanks

im my opinion i would just buy a motor off ebay ($500-$1000) thats in decent shape, then take the parts off of it that you need, and then send the stuff u dont need to me for giving such great advice. :banghead:

What exactly is wrong w/ the motor??? There is always options.

That's too much. I did my 99 YZ400F earlier this year for a lot less. I would not bother with the cam gears unless they look worn. My bike gets a couple thousand miles a year on it, and cam gears were OK, but I change my oil a lot. My piston and rings were not bad, but cam chain was shot, but did it while I was in there. The cam chain guides also looked OK, but I already bought them, so figured I'd play it safe.

$150 Wiesco piston kit including rings (Rocky Mtn)

$40 New Cam Chain (MR Cycles)

$70 Cam Chain Guides

$40 Gasket kit (Rocky Mtn)

$4 side cover gasket

Time: 6 hrs tops taking your time. Don't forget to hone the cylinder

ohh yeah i was thinking more along the lines that he had blew up his motor or something having to replace the barrel and everything. But if heys only rebuilding it then yeah its easy and cheap for that matter

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