where does that whiff of antifreeze come from?


01 BRP... where does the smell of antifreeze come from? I"m not losing much... takes a long time to hit a point where I need to add... no obvious drip, but I always smell it.

This is the ONLY thing the BRP has in common with my little DRZ400E....[well, and they both have two laced wheels]



If your bike is not uncorked, it is going to run hot.

It takes very little coolant overflow to make a big stink. It probably goes into your overflow tank, whiff, and then gets sucked back into the rads when the bike cools.


nope, I'm talking about cold start, first fireup on an UNcorked bike


Leaking Head Gasket.

There is a dye you can buy from the auto parts store, leaks show up under a black light. It would certainly be worth a try if you can't find the cause by wetness or residue build up.

I suppose you have dealt with the obvious. Tightened all your hose clamps made sure the thermostat housing isn't leaking and installed a 1.6 or 1.8 radiator cap. Kawasaki makes the 1.6 radiator caps for the KX500 as an option and they fit the XR650R perfectly. Don't even keep that worthless 1.1 stock cap.

Head gasket

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