rear fender frame? flush-mount signals?


several threads today. all related to serious dual-sport & tagging project.

is there a good aftermarket rear fender-support subframe? source & part ID would be huge help. thanks

ALSO... which Radiator Guards do you like? I was pretty impressed with the "Flatland" ones I got from TT store for my DRZ. gnarly product. but open to better if out there.

ANd finally, good/simple flush or close-mountable turn signal lights for the rear? I will replace bulbs with Superbright LED's, which I have already ordered.



regarding RadGuards, check out unabiker's -- he will soon have XR650R bike to fab from...I have his on my KTM and have never hurt the rads -- just the guards..

I too need a good rear fender support...

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