running rich

My R is jetted as follows, 175, 68s, b53e in 3rd pos. Fully uncorked airbox, no holes in cover and WB E2 exhaust w/o spark arrestor installed.

But it is running too rich, maybe I need to go with smaller jets, or maybe just make som holes in the airfilter cover???

or just go with that Mikuni carb. and get it properly jetted?? :banghead:

But for now, what your opinion on that jetting/holes in cover question??


what color is your sparkplug?

Make the holes in the panel and add a free-flowing airfilter and screen :banghead:

And than later the Mikuni :lol:

You can make the stock carb work nice and smooth,i did one last week.A XR650r from 2000:stock motor,handmade headers + Leo Vince carbon can from a Fireblade,open airbox with Twinair filter and screen with jetted OEM carb easy 165/170 km/u on his Sigma computer :banghead:

heh.. thanx... forgot to mention, I already got the Twinair filter+ screen.

check the plugcolor..this setup seem nice for those mods.But...I alway use a 70S pilot with a Twinair and race can .

What goes wrong? Lowend power?

I used (on the last bike) a 70S and a 192 main ! But his headers are really very big,just like the endcan stinger (diam 50/55 mm or so) + allot of holes in the sidepanel.Nice brown plugcolour with this setup :banghead:

His vented sidepanel on my bike...


that's a nice header... where'd you get that??

do you know about ABP-racing??

The exhaust is not from ABP,it's an EVO ,Swiss made .From

800 a 1000 euro for the complete system.

I removed the heatshields from the headers.It looks nicer,so :banghead:

CRD headers (French made) are also very good.

Okay.. Do you know about the product quality from ABP??? I've been thinking about buying parts from them

Abp is OK , I think.

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