Bad gas?

About to go riding this weekend after taking a weekend off. Left my plastic self venting gas can (one of those blitz 4 dollar Wal Mart ones) outside on the deck for those two weeks, a period in which it was mostly rainy/snowy and below freezing several nights. Would you guys pitch the gas or use it? And if pitch it, any idea where I can get rid of two gallons of bad gas?

Water will settle to the bottom of the can. One of the pre-flight things we do when flying our little airplanes is to drain the sumps of any water with a tap on the bottom of the tank.

I would pour the fuel out slowly and and use all but the bottom 1/8th or so of the can. If you are concerned about the fuel then just dump it in the car and get some new stuff for the bike.

I would just dump it into your car and get new stuff. It could save you some frustration later.

or even better yet maybe your lawn mower. or since you have snow your car will be fine...

I always drain my bike tank if it has been sitting for a week or so. The carb too.

I put that gas in the car and put the some new stuff in the bike..

...and you will always need some gas for washing purposes like cleaning the linkage, swingarm or steering bearings before regreasing them. Whatever you do, don't just pitch it. :banghead:

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