fork seals

Is it a difficult job to change the fork seals on a 650r?

Nope.. Get the shop manual, or take them to someone who knows what they are doing.

First try and cross-hatch pattern your fork sliders with emory cloth. It forces your fork seals to seat properly. My '99 CR500R has the original seals after more than two years of racing. My '95 650L has its originals, 53,000 miles.

The fork seal had a small cut in it, kinda odd since it only comes in contact with a smooth surface.The manual shows a total dismantle but I'm wondering if that's really needed.

Is it the seal or the wiper that has the cut? The wiper is the forst thin you see, the actual oil seal is underneath the wiper.

Yeah it was the seal. you were right it wasn't that big a job, just needed to make a holder for the fork tube and a seal driver.

You didnt happen to measure the length of the spring did you? I have a 95 KLX 650 and was wondering if a XRR spring would fit my front forks.


The manual shows a length but I didn't pay very close attention to the size.

I dont think xrr springs will work in klx diff diameter 41mm klx ??? xrr 47mm?

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