Hard starting! Help!!

Ok my Yamaha Gods-- I have a 2000 yz 426 , has been running great, lately when starting for first ride I must push start it. (yes very hard)

I have ridden it very hard last two years on supermoto tracks- oil changed every race weekend(Motul 10/40 full synthetic) air filter etc. By the way this bike has taken a 245lb rider to a 2nd in points Starrs Supertt class and current 2nd place in points. The only track it lacks power is Willow Springs.

I have not checked the valves(ever) BAD BAD ME!! I am also curious about a key that comes loose on the crank? I am considering a big bore kit and hot cams.. what about the bottom end? Thanks in anticipation for your help.


First things first....

Change your plug... NGK CR8E

A fouled plug will make starting hard every time, sometimes even impossible.

if not that...

Time to check the valves. Actually, time to check the valves anyway. Just do it.

Check your valves. If they are OK, clean the carb, and consider richening the pilot jet, or turn the fuel screw on the bottom/front of the carb bowl out a couple turns. I found that going up one pilot jet size made a world of difference in starting, and eliminates the popping on de-acceleration. My 400 will start on 2-4 kicks when cold, and 1st kick every time when hot. It was a killer with a stock pilot.

You have tight valves. That is what is causing your hard starting. Check the valves.

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