03' yz450 vs. newer models

Has anyone rode an 03' & a newer model to give an actual personal experience comparison? What are your thoughts about them? thanks

I have ridden all current 450 models.

03 is hard hitting, and if you like it then good. But I would put a heavier flywheel weight on it. The only other difference is mainly in the suspension. The forks are 46 mm and need to be revalved.

04 is a bit mellower and has better 48 mm forks, but they need some job on them too.

05 has again somewhat lesser hit and much better suspension. Then again, some riders prefer still to revalve them for more plushness and better bottoming resistance. But when 05 came out, the forks were praised.

Now 06 suspension seems to be almost state-of-art. Have no experience of 06-Yamaha suspension though. In general, the 06 will be a totally new bike, it is said only wheels are the same :banghead:

I can not think of other serious differences between 03-05. Perhaps some SS clutch cables and titanium pegs but nothing dramatic, not to mention BNG :banghead:

Correct me if I'm wrong.

03 has way more down low than the 05.the suspension is mucho better than the 03 as i have nt done anything with mine except put a heavier spring on it .i like the hard hit of the 03 but alot of people dont .

BNG? what is that?

I have the 03' yz450, so was just wonderin'.\


BNG = Bold New Graphics

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