WR400 4.0 gallon tank for sale

FOR SALE: I have a IMS 4.0 gallon gas tank that was on my '99 WR 400. It fits the standard WR seat not the yz seat. Color is matching blue. It bolts up nicely with the stock seat and radiator shrouds. I even installed a petcock on ot so it is easy to swap out with the stock tank. I used it for about 8 rides and it is in good shape with no graphics or stickers on it.

It is a little wider and taller then the stock WR tank but what do you expect for a full 4 gallons! Great for long rides where you need the extra range.

I bought it for about $180. Will take the best offer.

EMAIL me @:


No, really guys who needs big tank? Doesen't anybody do long desert rides or something?

Ohhhhhh fine.....ya I'm kinda interested. Can you tell me anything about the fit with the stock seat, guards, rads....all that stuff. Seems like a mixed review from what others have said. I looked at the IMS website which only has a (useless) top view so, can you shed some insight. That and well...why are you dumping it?? Is it just too huge?? Just wondering since your gettin rid of it and nobody seems all that interested. Anyway...If you still have it, let me know and maybe we can work a deal.



'99 WR400 with CA plates...ooooh yeah!!!

I just don't use it any more because I don't go on long rides like I used to. And the wife wants me to clean out the garage.

This picture can explain it better then I can. Go to www.bajadesigns.com then click on gastanks then on Yamaha (it's on the left) and scroll down a little. Click on the picture to see the big picture.

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