Video: 3 mile wheelie on a YZ426F


That's mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that is bloody massive

im hitting 20 feet myself

bad ass :banghead::banghead:

He has good balancing skills :banghead: , the wheelie was long but boring. And to anyone complaining about his disregard for the law or others is a :banghead: whiner. He didnt do anything wild or out of control. He kept it in his lane better than most drivers period and probably didnt exceed the speed limit either. In regard to safety, he did have on a helmet. I do choose more gear but in no way think safety should be legislated. Talking about :lol: insurance companies and their ilk? I have to stop doing something because the rates will go up for everyone? Get a life, insurance will always go up and they pay lobbyists to sway politicians to protect their bottom line. If you ride long enough, you will get hurt! that is a truth. Now that you know that, should you quit riding? :busted:

That's a good attitude pal...people like you will ruin it for everybody else.

Here's an example of what that attitude does. In my small town we built a skate board park for kids. The town though it would be a good idea to do something for the kids, and it wouldn't cost anything after it was built. The rules were simple, wear a helmet and pads, no drugs, no graffiti, no bicycles.

I've been to the park a few times with my son because he likes to watch the skateboarders (he's 2). Half the kids weren't wearing helmets, two kids were riding bikes on the course. Not a big deal right? Well just last weekend a kid was killed on the park, he had a massive head injury.

The residents complain about kids smoking dope, and the cops come out on an average 4 to 6 hours a day. It has been a complete failure all because the kids can't follow a few simple safety rules. I'd bet they'll close the park soon. Just a few ruin it for the rest.

As far as the idiot on the bike, he had no place riding it on the highway. He was not only indangering himself, but everybody else around him. If you don't get that, then it's pointless. Maybe when you grow up, you'll understand.

It's one of those things where if he had crashed or had done a lame wheelie, he would have been another punk making us all look bad, but because the wheelie was so awesome, he's the man. :banghead::banghead:

I'm with LJ - the guy riding the wheelie on the highway is giving all bikers (dirt and road) a bad reputation by doing something foolish and irresponsible and illegal.

It really is simple: what he did is wrong. He shouldn't be on the road with that bike and most certainly should not be doing a wheelie on the road. It just wrong. As always, one bad apple affects us all. Those that dislike bikes now have more ammunition to fight us with.

It is pretty simple: we should all stick to legal riding areas and legal bikes. We should all obey the law. Society works better that way.

"No harm, no foul" keeps rattling around in my brain. That is simply wrong thinking. I took some family and friends out to the track to watch me and my kids ride. We made a picnic out of if so everyone could see how well my kids are doing on their 80 and 100. We paid the entrance fee, drove down the access road to the Pee-Wee track, parked and unloaded. We were having a great time until a couple of really bright, talented, thoughtful fellows on 4 wheelers started doing drag races up and down the access road even though there are a number of "Speed limit: 10mph" signs posted. In addition, there are people parked on both sides of the road as pit areas. These geniuses were creating huge dust storms, passing within 5 feet or so of pit areas that included small children, and creating a panic among the spectators. We tried to wave them down to request they take it back to the Intermediate or Expert track, but they just swerved and gassed it. They were probably laughing and thinking it all the more amusing. A couple of folks backed their cars out into the road to make the guys stop. They finally did.

They were probably thinking something along the lines of "party poopers! we were just having fun! no harm no foul!". At the same time, dozens of others were thinking "irresponsible reckless jerks!"

No one got hurt. A lot of people (folks who love dirt toys) were pretty angry.

It was simply wrong. Just like the guy riding a wheelie on the highway.

that wheelie was gay, the only good thing about it was that he didnt have a 12' o clock bar or use his back break, all balance, as far as him doing that on the freeway screw him let him, its his ass on the line. i do the same thing from time to time,not on freeway but on the streets, 2 hours from nearest riding area were im at. pay $7,000.00 for bike can only ride 7 months out of the year cuz of smog, bullsh*t red sticker. bullsh*t sound checks getting kicked out and fined at riding areas, f**k the world and f**k those tree hugging yuppie hippies from c.a.r.b.

my bad, just had to had to blow off some steam

yya go rasta. You have a point. I pay mad taxes on my bike (even paid registration taxes for the 3 years that the previous owner because he never registered it ) If i cant ride my bike where i want, why pay taxes? Where do the taxes go? damn rangers making sure you are registered. The only thing good about registration is if your bike was stolen. And now, if i start my bike to warm it up to change the oil, stupid ass old people call the cops on me for having it on for 3 minutes!!!!! So who ruined that for me? those damn harleys with their loud exhaust. So what, i have to travel 40 minutes to change my oil? ha screw them,

drag racing is way dumb around kids for sure, but the guy on the wheelie was doing something that made people smile. He meant no harm, he was dumb for no gear but thats his life. Its gotta suck when you cant enjoy something because you are too uptight about the law. Everyone crashes, when you do that the odds are higher, but hey, he's not out doing drugs and stealing, he has a hobby.


old people

Tell us how u really feel? LOL..... that wheelie as insane....

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