250f cam sprocket on 426 is it direct fit?

is the 250f cam sprocket a direct fit on the 450 exhaust cam? If so what tools are needed. I want the same tooth pitch and # OF TEETH if i convert my 426 exhaust cam with a 450 cam and 250 sprocket for auto decomp.

Please look at the sticky thread at the top of the 426 forum page, and read up on the procedure to get a 426 to have auto decopresion. And there is a hell of alot more to auto decomp then just the sprocket..............

yes it can be done...but your wasting your time. Lose reliability??...no failures to date using the OE YZ450 cam and this mod is now almost THREE YEARS OLD!!!! Three years and countless bikes with the OE cam and they are still running strong. This mod/cam will outlast you....I promise. JEEZ...

who has done this conversion with the 250f sprocket on 450f cam? Was it very hard? I do not wish to go to a hotcam because then i would lose reliability. Thank you. :banghead:

just use the OEM 450 cam and stop worrying!

Cowboy, he rides his harder than anyone else and wants it to be perfect. Chains are sloppy anyway.

I may be missing something here, but I have the old timing chains from my 450 and 250F laying here, and the 250F uses a significantly narrower chain. I would think that that would mean that since the 426 chain runs over the 450 sprockets with no real problem, the 246 chain is also wider than the 250F, and the 250F sprockets would be too narrow. No?

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