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Camshaft cap bolt torque 104in lbs correct?

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I read somewhere that the torque spec for the cam cap bolts is wrong in the manual and a lot of people are having trouble with seized cams. Is the 104in lbs correct?. I know they make mistakes i just want to check before i shim my ex valves. one misprint i found in my manual says the torque value for the cylinder head cover is 87 foot pounds but i am sure they mean inch lbs. I wonder if anyone tried to torque them to 87 ft/lbs and broke them off in the head. Anyway i just want to make sure that the cam cap bolt torque is correct at 104 in/lbs. Also my ex valves are at a tight 16mm should i shim now or can i wait untill the end of the season next month (New York). Is it a hard job? Any trouble spots i should look out for ?. Thanks in advance for the help

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