Left grip

Someone mentioned a left grip that was supposed to have a 1/4 turn or so of free play in it. Anyone seen it. I have been having issues with my left wrist only. Not forearm pump or anything. I would be interested in trying it. It sounds like a great concept, but who knows.

Hi Mike-

It's the Boyesen Flexgrip you're looking for. Been meaning to try one of those out myself, I hear they do work pretty well.

One drawback, not 100% sure how accurate this is but I heard you need two pairs of grips as now the left grip needs to be wider (same size as throttle) to accomodate the flex sleeve. Again, not sure if this is 100% accurate!

If you try 'em, please let us know how you ya like them!

I have a Boyesen Flexgrip on my YZ250F. It works great. I had problems with blisters because I don't ride often enough. The Flexgrip along with PC Racing Underwear Gloves did the trick, no more blisters. http://www.pcracingusa.com/UnderWAREpage.htm

The Flexigrip looks like a throttle housing and grip. It comes with 3 different rubber inserts that fit inside the housing (soft, medium, hard). I started out with the soft and got a little too much flex on jumps. I'm now using the medium insert and it's working great for me. One thing I did was get some softer grips, I didn't like the hard rubber Renthal grip the Flexgrip came with. FYI, you have to use a throttle grip on the Flexgrip.

No, I don't work for Boyesen...

Thanks guys, just what I was looking for.

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