backfire problems

is it okay if your bike backfires every now and then or is it okay for my 2002 YZ426F to backfire on every deceleration? also i would like to know what jets you guys us in your bike?

it could also be a leaking valve because my dad had a wr 426 that backfired every deceleration and it was a leaking valve, not exactly a good phone call when that came in

Is it backfiring or is it popping? I thought it was if it was popping your pilot is too lean and if it is backfiring your pilot jet is too rich. Thats how I understood it but not 100 %. Have you tried adjusting your fuel screw on the bottom of the carb?

The two major causes, once again, are a leak in the exhaust system, either at the midpipe/header joint, or at the head, and lean idle mixture.

Mild decel popping, or exhaust backfire is normal and harmless.

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