Yam WR 400 compared to CRF 250X?

I am asking about this comparison for a good reason. I just recently rode a CRF 250X and really enjoyed it. I cannot budget for a CRF 250X though, so I wonder if a 1999 WR 400 would be somewhat comprable. I know the WR400 is a bit heavier and probably a fair bit more powerful, but would it be able to trail ride and do small jumps and tracks?


You said it heavier and more powerful. I loved mine but had to have a 04 WR450. The WR 400 will feel significantly different from the CRFx you rode.

Now I'm thinking a WR 250 may be a closer bet.

I ride a 99 Wr 400 and one Friend has an 03 WR 250 and his brother has a CRF250x. I ride a lot of tight single track and I do all right with the big 400 but it does give me a workout. The WR 250 and CRF250x are more at home in these trails than my 400 but when the trails open up the 400 is more at home.

Out of these 3 bikes I would choose the WR 250 first for the type of riding I do.

I find it to be more responsive and more dependable than the CRFX. The weight

difference between my 400 and a 250 is well worth the power trade off.

Where are you in Ontario?


I'm in Ajax. Thats me of course.

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