The new 06 yz250f is out!!

Here in SLC,UT the new 06 has been out for a week. They said the 450f is going to be there in a week or two!!! At PLaza Cycle

it is soooo hot!!



Whats that rough spot on the frame above the kick starter? I noticed that on the other bike as well


a rough spot that will surely get polished or rubbed off in no time! LOL


Looks like sticker goo. Beautiful bike. I'll bet this thing gives all the other japanese 250 thumpers a good run for their money. Especially after you have to figure out why they won't start after 35 hours of riding and spend mucho cash getting them to run great again.

The 5 valvers are great motors.

Right on! I'm gonna be sooo jealous when I see one at my local track.

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