Need some help here....!!

Alright. today my 450 was running fine but i started to notice 4th seemed to be kinda bogging down. By the time I got her slowed down it bogged down completely and died.Wouldn't restart but compression was fine,had fuel ect. Got a ride back to truck and put in my old sparkplug and it started and made it back to truck.Now that i'm home i tried to start it and it pops but won't start. Seems to have fouled this plug on just the trip back to the truck.Before i tear apart the carb just wondered if anyone else has had this happen to them maybe of has an idea of what the heck happened.

It doesn't sound like a plug fouling to me, or at least I've never had one foul while the bike was running (4 stroke). Maybe some water in your gas? Valves checked lately?

Alright...valves checked good,disconnected kill switch, removed sparkplug and it was firing when kicked.Looked at main jet,was still there.Clip and needle still in tact,float wasn't stuck.However there did seem to be alot of gas in the upper section of carb and the plug was pretty covered when i pulled it. 'Is there something in the carb i am missing or would wiring somewhere not let it start. It pops when trying to start but won't start

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