Frame touch up paint?

Anyone know if yamaha or someone one else sells touch up paint for a 2003 yz450? I've got all kinds of chip and I want to keep it from rusting.

I don't think you get it from Yamaha.

This is all I know about the paint:

PJ1 Yamaha Blue

Frame paint:



PAINT (1 SMALL CAN): $19.95


The PJ1 paint works great. Perfect match. You can get it at Rocky Mountain MC

Do you guys put a coat of clear coat over the PJ1 frame paint, or is it not necessary?

The clear coat helps, but is not necessary.

Neither stands up to most solvents, such as brake or carb clean.

I have used automotive grade clears before, and those are much stronger and solvent resistance, but they are harder to get, have to be sprayed with an HVLP and are more toxic.

home depot has rustolem metallic that is very close. I have used it on my 00 426.

Do you guys use primer?

Do you guys use primer?

I did once, but found it didn't really help. The pain still rubbed off and left the primer behind. It looked kind of goofy and made the bike look obviously touched up.

I use the PJ1 and its good stuff... I dont primer or gloss coat anything and it still looks great. You wont even hardly notice the touch up work.

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