Norcal Riders/Stoneyford Fire Please Read

Posted by Dave Wood AMA-D36 Member on Enduro/Cross Country Forum

The Stoneyford fire wiil not cause the cancellation of the upcoming AMA D36 enduro's to be held at Stoneyford. The Jackhammer, WFO and Bearfoot Family Enduro's are running, according to USFS-Jeff Applegate

The fire did destroy the camping area at Davis Flat. There will be a few trail closures but the USFS does not plan to get these trails open quickly. Several of the trails will be open within the burned area. It is extremely important to stay on the trail, riders going off trail or riding the many new fire breaks in the area will cause more trails to close. Riders MUST spread the word to stay on the trails and police ourselves. Davis Flat was burned and the area around Fouts Springs Boys Camp, the fire swooped around the boys camp so quickly that evacuation was not possible. The barriers are nearly gone as well as the trail tractor. It is imperative that those camping in the Davis Flat area DO NOT ride in the burned areas. The group campground was also destroyed.


Thanks Dave Wood & Unkle Moose.

It is a sad day to see one of the best trail riding areas in Nor Cal get burned. I was wondering how bad the area got hit. It will be interesting to see how bad it is when we get up there again. Anyone know how it started? Hope it was not a bike.



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On the forest service map of the fire it looked like most of the fire was in the wilderness area which most is nat avaliable for offroad. Potato Hill looked fine with most of the fire to the north. It did look like some of the finer trails up high might be effected. We'll just have to go ride and find out.

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