what2buy & yz400 gearbox

hi; firstly i finally got my loan approved for my bike; :banghead: (about time) and now i'm in search of my next beast, (after destorying my 88XR250 ) :banghead:

anyway i am able to buy a yz400f for about 2200-2500 AUD but it has a gearbox problem, third is blown. the cost of a new gearbox apparently is $1000 AUD and i'm guessing labour would be about 5 hours to get it put in. so this puts the price up to around $4000 AUD, which is about the norm for here in aust, between 4000-4500 is what is usual for the yz400 and the 426 spands from $4500 to $6000,

now my questions are:

are there any deformities with the 400? as in any things or problems that occur frequently or hazards to look out for? i know the bike has been well looked after and hardly ridden, which then i think why did 3rd blow, was this a defect from yamaha?

next: if only 3rd is blown can i replace just third or do i have to get a whole new gearbox. apparently some bolt came loose in the gearbox and destroyed third only. so if i can avoid replacing the whole gearbox i would and save the rest of the money

finally: should i fork out the extra $500 and get an 00yz426 or altogether forget the four strokes and stick with a 99-01 2-pinger and spend $3800-4000 AUD (if i did that i would only consider the CR, as i have already fallen in love with them, handling and power is beautiful and nothing else compares)

i generally ride a worked 99YZ250 which is great but wears me out to quickly, in all types of terrain and conditions, i have never ridden the new generation four strokes but would expect i'd fall in love, as i have always ridden four strokes just none of the new powerful ones, and i miss decompression so much when i ride a 2-pinger

EDIT- also would a yz400 keep up with a 00ish 250 2 stroke, as in are they similar in power? not as in power curve or power delivery just plain HP power...

i know most 250's are around the 44HP mark the 426 is a little higher but haven't seen anything on the 400's




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