CRD Absolute Performance Exhaust

I am new to 4 stroke and just bought a WR426 the pipe is a very quiet CRD as I only use the bike off road is this a good pipe to be using or is it restricting the power too much.I know nothing about exhausts so would appreciate any feedback from you.

If there are any UK riders out there advise on where to get an alternative if nessesary and poss a part ex if someone is looking for something : quieter. :banghead:

Yeah, WRs do seem sensitive to a pipe... I have a full Ti Akro system which opens the bike right up but it's as loud as hell! I use the stock exhaust offroad which strangles the bike a fair bit, but that suits me - I couldn't use all the power anyway :banghead:

Akropovic now sell an endcan with interchangeable inserts that alter the power/noise output and they sound just fine. Bit expensive though... :banghead:

Oh yeah, CRD pipes are fine. :banghead:

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