Edelbrock Carb?

Ok I have heard alot of the discussion on the Edelbrock Carb for the WR450, Seems that most of the people that I hear debating if its good or not are second party (my friend has one and he loves/hates it) I would really like to hear from someone that owns one and has ran one on a WR450. I live in Colorado and can ride from 5500 feet all the way up to 13000 feet on one trip. Being able to richen\lean it on the trail in seconds sounds great to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!!! :banghead::banghead:

I've been running an Edelbrock carb on my 98' WR400 for about 6 months ever since the stock FCR became unrepairable. My experience has been perfect. You can dial in the jetting with just the turn of a screw, same for the accelerator pump. Starts easy, hot or cold, don't even use my hot start button anymore. No flat spots, just smooth power. It also uses different throttle cables and they don't fray like the stockers always did. Mostly ride in high desert, have not had it up to high elevations (>7,000ft.) yet. Everything positive from my standpoint. Don't know how this would translate to the 450. Hope this helps.

Thanks, for the info. Do they come to you ready to bolt on and ride? And how long did it take you to get it dialed in? Thanks again.

i wouldn't replace your carb unless there was something wrong with it............

I agree not to replace the carb unless there is something that you can't fix. When I bolted the Edelbrock carb on as it came out of the box, it had a flat spot just off idle. About ten minutes adjusting the needle screw and I had it running perfect.

Well to tell you the truth I am tired of the bogging when I crack the throttle. And to do all the aftermarket mods to my carb wouldn’t it be cheaper or just easier to go with the edelbrock? And the power loss is incredible when I hit the high altitudes if I happen to stall it when up high its hell to get it started again. Is there something better that the edelbrock? And I have done a few mods as well like changed my cams (hot cams), FMF 4.1 ti system, twin air system. And everything carbon fiber you can think of. Would these mods have any effect on the edelbrock? I just want a carb that will work good for the type of riding I do. If I could get my stock to work well than great just need to know what steps I should take. Any help would be great and thank you!! :banghead:

SEARCH the threads, there is about a million threads discussing all of this. you just have to spend some time, and maybe a few dollars on a JD kit, and it will be fine

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