HELP with BRP D/S accessories: horn, speedo

BRP guys

i need some exact help with horn and speedo on BRP, so I can get DONE with this dualsport project.

I called the ThumperTalk store and a very pleasant guy helped me pick out a Speedo, which is Drag Specialties DS244130 mechanical speedo. The good new is it screwed right on to the stock cable. The bad news is that it registers something like three to 4X the actual speed... thus when I'm going about 10mph its hitting close to 40. Is there a way to alter this or, better yet, can one of you just dictate to me which Speedo to buy? I don't want the fancy Tourtech or whatever electronic kind, just bone simple mechanical that works. PLEASE PLEASE a part number so I can do this once more.

Similarly, on the same order I put a horn. Simple "WPS" 56-4255 cheap 12V horn. it looks real similar to one of a pair I had on a past cruiser. It just won't work with a normal 12V battery pack [i have a pack that gangs up flashlight batteries to go 12V, and planned on fabbing a holder to mount the whole pack and horn to the BRP]. I don't know why it won't work but believe that it is probably made for the kind of amperage you get from a modern street bike, and will just barely move the diaphragm with the low output I'm giving it.

PLEASE suggest a lightweight horn that would work like this, or tell me what setup you have that works, battery and all, and the part numbers/brands/ and/or source of the part [where to buy it].



I am using a bajadesigns analog speedo. It has odo and trip odo, instals to the factory cable and is reasonably priced. $64.95 at the item code is 370002.

The best option I've found for a speedometer is a hard-wired GPS; It calibrates itself, is roughly the size of most speedometers, and you get all of the advantages of a GPS with waypoints, maploading and navigation to boot. It technically doesn't have a 'non-resettable' odometer, but most aftermarket spedometers don't either. I prefer the Garmin GPS V because of it's ability to be used horizonally (for the crossbar) or vertically (handheld use), it's waterproof and it's shock resistant. It also was on (and still may be) clearance at Bestbuy for $140 for the open box units (or 10% more for new). :banghead: Otherwise, Trailtech has their Lynx Computer , which has an odometer (that's resettable) and can be hardwired into the bike for back-lighting.

For a horn, my Electrex DS kit comes with one, but I have friends that use everything from bicycle horns to handheld air-horns to one that even uses a sqeak-toy (yes, the officer asked about it, but said it was legal :lol: ... may not be true, but if he enforces the rules, I guess that's what counts). If your trying to avoid the 'ghetto-fab' route, I'd imagine cheap battery-operated assemblies exist on the 'net. :banghead:

I like the mechanical speedos as there is not lag with calculation. All the trail tech's/ GPS's in the world have a lag.

I agree with Tim, my Garmin (when it not out of battery life) is useful, yet has a lag.

Hey guys,

I'd like to hear from the lot of you about D/S accessories you have put together. Everthing that anybody has set up. I have a 2000 BRP that is plated but merely has the plate and a brake switch. I am desperate to keep the good looks of the stock plastics, without giving up the legal aspects of having a D/S set up.

I have seen the Acerbis hand gaurds with blinkers mounted to them and the Baja Designs flush mount flashers for the rear fender, but the latter is not DOT approved. Otherwise I am at a loss for the harness, battery, switches, horn, speedo etc that can make a trick D/S that can be a smokin desert bike.

I did find a replacement bulb for the 1157 rear tailight. it is an LED socket that has the same base. Go to

Show pictures, give links, brag about your Pig. I am fishing for ideas here!


SoCalTrailrider :banghead:


I am using a bajadesigns analog speedo. It has odo and trip odo, instals to the factory cable and is reasonably priced. $64.95 at the item code is 370002.

I also have this same speedo. I works very well and so far is accurate and has been reliable.

As for a horn. I once heard of a guy that took a personal alarm (a device that you can wear or hold and push a button that will let out a loud high pitch noise for protection) This items was from Radio shack and used a 9 volt battery. He wired a kill switch to it and tied it to the front end behind the headlight. He said he had to replace the battery every 2 years. It may be a choice.

wow, that personal alarm thing is a good tip.... i need to go to RS. that's gotta be less cumbersome than any rig I have heard of.

To the other SoCalRider questions: I'm there with you bro'. Re-doing all mine right now realtime. Got the WRONG speedo from TT store, and a horn that does not work.

Both going back. A bro' on another forum tipped me to this speedo, which is like $30 less than the BD one and looks like its the same... same make;

BUT... you need to phone them and specify that you got a 21" front wheel. there are several different sub-models depending on what bike, wheel-size you need.

on my DRZ [not running.... aaaarrrgggghhhh] the former owner did a decent little job of lighting: he simply hacked and bent a piece of aluminum sheet stock to fit up under the rear fender, with tabs bent downward on sides and back, then drilled holes to mount little Baja Designs turn signals on the sides, and run/brake lamp in the rear. screwed them all together and wired it up. The banjo switch for rear brake can be had from a lot of sources. The two things I don't like about the turn signals is they stick out a bit, like 2-3 inches, so sooner or later they are going to get the hammer. But the flipside is, if you mount like really flush signals they're harder to see unless really brite. Also, I ordered from Superbrightleds replacement LED bulbs for the turn signals and for all my brake/run lights on both bikes. definitely the way to go.

The HEADLIGHT remains my nemesis. to get really streetworthy lighting you either get a plastic contraption that costs 90 bucks, or you fab some bracketing and go with a real street-type light like found on the DRZ "S" model or XR "L" model or various ATV's, bikes, whatever. I still have not sorted out. But for meantime I have an el cheapo dual beam strapon that is near worthless for lighting but IS DOT approved! go figure.

Lets stay in touch.


Zapp22 -- the speedo shown does not have a resettable Odo -- That is really needed for Dual sport runs with Roll-charts....

I am going to keep looking , yet thanks

I did a search on the link from above and saw a few more they have to offer -- check them out.

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