WR450 Big Boar Kit?

I have a 03 WR 450 with @ 2000 fairly hard miles & I can't keep the intake valves in spec, I am thinking of rebuilding and moving to a big boar. I finished the 6 days of MI ride in Aug. and have been having difficulty since. I am thinking the 5th gear road sections may have been hard on it.

Does anyone have any experience with a kit that is better than another, I want to keep the great general reliability the WR has had, but would also like even more umph.


Click for big bore surprise..

Yes its a legit link to a big bore motor builder for you cryining virus worrying ninnnys...

2000 seems like pretty low miles for a rebuild, even if hard ones, for an 03. :banghead:

Hit up INDYWR450....his is a 490 and it's awesome. :banghead:

Although I do agree with another poster...2K miles seems low even for

"hard" miles.

Valves going too tight? This may be stems stretching which will lead to valve tulips falling into the cylinder. But 2000 miles is too early for this? When you shim it, do you roll it over quite a bit with the plug out to settle everything in place and then check?

2000 or 20 000?

i have 50 000+km om my org rings..............490 soon :banghead:

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