Desperately need help!!

Alright guys Im just about at breaking point. After reshimming my bike and putting her back together it feels like the auto decomp is not engaging as it is veryhard to kick. I stripped her back down and tried to work out what was wrong. It appears the exhaust cam in it is different to that in the manual and different to pictures I have seen on here-the 9'oclock dot is about half an inch back on the cam than the manual picture.

If someone could please help..I have a photo I can email if anyone could post it for me or tell me how?? :banghead:

I know the marks on the newer 450's are harder to make out. I use a sharpie making pen to color the timing chain links on the dots so it goes back together the same way. But that doesnt help you now, so use the manual and follow the instructions like your just rebiulding the engine. I only say this because of what you describe somethings off. Better safe than sorry. Good Luck!

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