New to me 450 show and tell thread (pics)

I just recently picked up a barely used 2004 wr450. It was in bone stock condition, so i decided to start shopping...that is half the fun aint it? Much of the stuff was swapped off of my old wr250.

I also recently decided (after a flat ruined a day of riding for me) that i needed to start carrying tools. So ive also put together a beginner tool kit, and attached some fender packs as shown in THIS THREAD

here is the bike

Here is my starter tool kit i put together.

It includes, a full kit from, a fredette axle nut wrench, a tire iron and spoon, a spare tube, a patch kit, extra clutch lever, airpressure gauge, zip ties and vercro straps, an outbacker m14 tool, and a plug wrench.

and i just now realized, that i have NO plug, and NO way to fill up that spare tube...time for more shopping!! :banghead:

Here is my Scotts triple clamp and stabilizer, along with CR hi-bend bars, Spider grips, thumbsavers, and pro-raptor clutch not pictured. You can also see Cycra triple clamp mounted guards, with low profile shields, and my moose pack attached the front headlight plate. (i am waiting on my broken trail tech to come back from service.)

Here is a pic of the carbon fiber pipe guard i scored off of ebay, and UFO plastic frame guards (which are my favorite, and pretty hard to find).

UTAH sport cycle skid plate...absolutely the best...The one i had on my 250 took a serious pounding, and never complained.:banghead: You can also see IMS stainless footpegs in the pic.

Here are some sealsavers i got from thumpertalk store for like 5 bucks in the clearance section. I bought some longer screws so i could install the fork guard support over the top of them.

I just rejetted with a JD kit last night, installed Zipty screw, swapped on my boyesenn from my 250 (i swear it doesnt do a damn thing, but i paid for the sucker, so im keeping it). I also installed a TT decomp plug last night. The stock rubber plug ruined a perfectly good dune ride for me a few months back...NEVER AGAIN!

Aside from a works connection aluminum caliper guard, i think that is the extent of the new mods for my ""new to me" 450. I also have a White brothers e2 that i "stole" from ebay for $122 on the way to me.

Thanks for looking!

Now that it looks so shiny and nice we need to get out and scratch/scuff that baby up. kidding spencer....

funny thing is, now that i have all this crap...i REALLY want to do a 90+ mile ride...and i ALMOST hope that someone gets a i can whip out all my stuff. :lol:

If we had this kind of stuff on the utah ride, Derek wouldnt have had to ride 30 miles on a flat rear. :banghead: And i wouldnt have had to call it quits last weekend at Apex because of a flat front...

and YOU wouldnt have had to call it quits 3 weekends ago when you broke your clutch out at blue diamond!!! :busted:

Im gonna start bugging the rest of the guys to get together tool is completely retarded that we all ride with no more than a zip tie in our packs. :banghead:

i have those frame guards on my wr250f, and be careful, you might want to put something soft underneath the guards, took mine off today, and there was scratches, wear, and a little tiny patch of rust, aside from that, looks like a great kit and bike :banghead:

before i put the guards on, i layered the frame with black electrical tape. :banghead:

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