weld on flywheel weights

can anybody tell me if there is someone who sells weld on flywheel weights for my 450. i have the tools to do the job but have not found just the weights. i do not want to buy a whole new flywheel.

"Just the weights" aren't sold by anyone that I know of. That doesn't mean they're not, it just means I don't know about it, but that does make it less likely.

I don't think that you'll find them. The flywheel needs to be balanced after the installation, which nearly no one can do in their home welding studio. Buy a Dr.D. If you get the weight wrong, you can just switch with them for a different one.

What about zip-tye racings bolt on models. These would weld on easily.

After welding them on, would you balance the flywheel?

You could try DR. D. Since they sell the flywheel with a welded on weight (must return your core take off or pay extra) maybe they will sell just the weight. I just bought an 8oz. flywheel from them and it is great, it helped a bunch! You can't beat the price of $89.99 plus $8.00 S&H and ($200 core charge) for a well made and balanced flywheel that comes in 3 weights (4, 6 and 8oz) and can be exchanged if you selected the wrong weight and want to try a different one.

what does 8 oz do. i am switching from track to woods riding would this help?

i have a yz426.. when i got the flywheel weight, it was a bolt on one. but i had my shop welder use the TIG machine, and melt the wieght on. you cannot use welding rod, because that would make it very unbalanced, you must strategize the beads. i haven't had any problems w/ it at all. i guess you might try a zip ty one, i bet the older ones might possibly fit the newer ones. but not sure.. my .02

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